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            Archaeological News   : 1. A Memorial Tablet on the Repair of Jerusalem Temple in the Reign of King Joash (II Kings 12:4ff)

                                                      2. The Suspicious Letters from the Recently Unearthed Ostraca of Elah Fortress

                                                      3. A pre-Sargonic exemplary pattern in the dialogic documents of arbitral sale for Genesis chapter 23.

                                                     4. On the pre-Sargonic phraseology of the biblical language.

                                                     5. The unique idiomatic patterns of the old Egyptian language out of the first intermediate period of the Middle Kingdom in the ancient Egypt for the basic Hebrew phrases of Joseph's period. Major studies have given no evidence of the exact collocation of the idiom ever even in the following long history of the ancient Egytian language.

      Research News :  A research article on the non-catalytic water fuel polymer cell was published with oral presentation in the technical program (March 27, 2011, from 2:55 pm to 3:15 pm) for 241st ACS National Meeting, Anaheim, CA, USA (speaker: Sun-Shil Kim)(Abstract:  see Technical Program Archive - Spring 2011- Division of Fuel Chemistry - fuels)(Preprint : purchasing allowed only to members of ACS)


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