Winter Topical Seminar for Ministers
      (February 5-7, 2018)     



I. On the Constitutional Orders (1556) Regulated in the English Church at Geneva.

(Speakers including Rev. Prof. Young-Kyu Kim)   

II. The Devout Lives of the Reformed Christians and Subjects of their Thinking, so nearby as We Can Learn from Calvin¡¯s Municipal Church and English Church at Geneva (Practices  and Free Talking).

     1. Father¡¯s or Mother¡¯s Platforms without Regard to the Economic Hype Cycle of the Christian Family.

     2. Times and Forms of the Daily Prayers.

     3. Reading of the Scriptures and Singing of Psalms in the Daily Life and Public Worship of God.

     4. On the Public Confessions, their Catechism and Ecclesiastical Discipline.

     5. Rumination of Christian Thinking I: Distinguishing the Concept of Absolute Zero in Itself from Concepts of Absolute Zero for Building Quantum Computer.

     6. Rumination of Christian Thinking II: On Time and Space.



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