Program Overview  for Ministers
                           (Every Monday, from September 23, 2019)    



  • Latin grammar lecture course XIII (13:00 - 14:00) (Rev. Ji-Soo Jung, Ph.D. Candidate - All but Dissertation)
  • Petrus Molinaeus(1568-1658)'s theological standpoints showed in his Latin monograph "Anatome Arminianismi seu, Enucleatio Controversiarum  quae in Belgio agitantur, super doctrina De Providentia: De Praedestinatione, De morte Christi, De natura & Gratia (Lugduni-Batavorum M.DC. XIX)" and the theological controversies confirmed by "Acta synodi nationalis" XIII (14:00 - 15:00)  ( Rev. Prof. Young-Kyu Kim)  
  • The Latin original text of the Hungarian "Confessio ecclesiae debreciensis"(1562) and its historical location in the advancement of the reformed theology XII (15:00 - 16:00) )  ( Rev. Prof. Young-Kyu Kim)  


* The schedule may be changed.

* These programs continue to be taken place in Sung-Shim Presbyterian Church

                                                                           Address: 30 KarakRo 15 Kil, Song-Pa-Gu, Seoul



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