Winter Topical Seminar for Ministers and Others
      (February 19-21, 2024)     



I.  A New Review on Theological Controverses in the Public Councils and Colloquies Activitated by the Historical Reformed Churches (Speaker: Rev. Young-Kyu Kim, Director, Retired Professor)   

II. Neurodynamic Mystery of Unconscious Social Functions and Hypothalamus

(cf. Reviews of the Magazine Science, 382, 27 October 2023, 386-412)

1. Neurocircuits for Motivation (Speaker: Rev. Sung-Ho Jung)

2. The Structural and Functional Complexity of the Integrative Hypothalamus (Speaker: Rev. Ji-Soo Jung )

III. Exercises of the Human Thinkings and the New Possible Understanding of the Created Natural Orders Initiated through the Recent Global Issues (Discussion or Free Talking)

*Reference resources:, boards and pins).

1. AI Enterprises for the Future Society and Truth

2. Magnificent Ruins of Predominant Mathematics and Long-Time Strategy against their Real Hardiness


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