* Topical Summer Seminar for Ministers and Christian Families
      (August 12-14, 2019)


I. Dedicated Activities of the Westminster Divines for the Ideal Humanness of the Extreme Micro- or Macro- World according to the Written Words of God   (speakers: Rev.Prof. Young-Kyu Kim; Rev.Prof.Byung-Soo Han etc. )

     II. Principles of God's Creation, Environmentally Friendly Application of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources and the Daily by Free Gift Wellbeing Life. (Educational Program for the Christian Family) 

1.    Assembling of 12V Non-catalytic Water Fuel Cellulose Cells and its Applications (Special Program for the Personal Certificate of Non-catalytic Water Fuel Cellulose Cell Application).  

2.    Real Model of the Solar Wind – Water Fuel Hybrid Electronic Car.

3.    Construction Experience of the Geometric Air Tent Using the Differential Forms.

4.    Making the Proton Pumping Instruments for Health of Me and My Family (under Requisition) or the Rapid Sprouting Charmer of Cherry Seeds.

5.    Application Activities of Edible Wild Plants or Flowers for the Daily Wellbeing Foods (under Requisition).

* Yang-Soo-Ri Meditation Center (Tel: 031-772-6461)

Mok-Yang-2-Ri, Yang-Seo-Myeon, Yang-Pyung-Kun, Keoung-Ki Do 

* These plans might be able to be changed.                                                              

     * Information: (02) 431-3710 (H.P. 010-4942-3517, Rev. Sung-Chan Im)



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