the electrical efficiency(2.03 V, 4 X 30 cells, 0.5 ~ 0.6 V/cm2 per cell) of the first day(Jul.03,2009), as generated by four modules (4 x 30 cells, 4 x 0.5 V) in the small boxes of the water.

I-V Curve and Power of a Module (1x90 Cells), tested directly by Keithley Instruments, Korea (Nov.26,2009)

the electrical efficiency(Jul.06,2009) generated by the modules after 3 days.

             Jul.30,2009 ~ (this current photo, Jul.31,2009)  ~ (now recasted, Dec.04,2009)

I-V Curve and Power of a Module (1x1 Cell), tested directly by Keithley Instruments, Korea (Nov.26,2009)

the electrical efficiency(Jul.07,2009) generated by the modules after 4 days.

       Jul.07,2009 ~ (this  current photo, Jul.30.2009) ~(now recasted, Dec.04,2009)

The actual, current and voltage variety of 1x1 cell(a single cell), manufactured as a module mode of the reduced resistance (Dec.02,2009) and the multiplying current result of the module mode(June 13, 2011). An example of another electrode potential difference(April 19, 2012).

the unstable variation of voltage(a single cell) from some unstable supply of water and the unstable circumstance of testing (Nov.02,2009)

The first earlier shape of the same sample made as a flower vase(July 24, 2010)

The LED light of a sample(Non-Catalytic Water Fuel Polymer Cell) manufactured by the 2009 summer education program for the Christian family has been maintained up to now ( ~ Feb.15,2010 ~Jul.24,2010 ~ Jan.04,2011, ~ , Feb. 26, 2011, ~ ,May 7, 2011,  now recasted, Jan.17,2012 ) only by the weekly or monthly supply of water.

the stable, gradually increasing result of voltage (a module of 6x30cells) from the stable supply of water in the small boxes(Nov.02,2009)

The stable result of the more increased voltage than expected (a module of 27x(30~40)cells, testing of 1 hour) from the stable supply of water in the small boxes(Aug.07,2010). The result has been maintained  only by the weekly supply of water since then (Aug.07,2010, ~ , Jan.04, 2011, ~, Feb. 26, 2011, ~ May 7, 2011, now recasted, Jan.17,2012). The participants of manufacturing all cells and terminals for this module on every Friday afternoon until Jul.30,2010 were as follows: Rev. In-Seok Kim, Rev.Jang-Yeol Na, Rev. Jae-U Kim, Rev.Jong-Taek Lee, Rev.Jae-Hyeok Im.

An experiment of the so-called Voltaic battery or Galvanic cell type(Jan. 23-24, 2012)

An experiment of the water fuel polymer cell type( Jan. 23-24, 2012)